Learning to Be Simple

i did this one a while ago.  learning to be simple is one thing i feel like i am learning with this whole crazy move and having no money.  i remember as i was packing up our yucaipa house i was literally getting so ticked that we had so much crap! The task of packing seemed neverending.  we rented the biggest truck(24 feet).  i thought surely this will fit all our stuff.  oh, i was so wrong.  that truck was packed to the ceiling and the door could barely shut.  And we still had so much left that i had a huge yard sale to get rid of it all.  while unpacking in nc i still keep trying to purge.  one thing hannah really wanted to do when we moved to NC was to have a yard sale.  i know, crazy huh?  only made 30 bucks but got rid of so much stuff.  so freeing to let go of stuff


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