Cheats for My No-Sugar Challenge

This whole thing is an experiment. I am trying to see sugar’s role in my life. I am trying to take good notes to see how my mind and body is impacted by sugar’s presence and lack of it. I wrote this weeks ago but did not post it yet. I no longer am doing these “cheats” but I still wanted to record my original thoughts on what I was thinking.

Truly these are not even “cheats” since this is my game/experiment I am creating for myself. I make up the rules so not truly cheats but others may say so. So here are my exceptions:

  1. I can have sugar on Sabbath. Sabbath for us is Friday dinner to Saturday dinner. This is our day where we ditch work and just enjoy life. Friday night is family fun night which usually has pizza, soda, ice cream and popcorn and a movie.
  2. I have 3 chocolate covered coffee beans in the early morning. These are helping me accomplish a greater good then a sugar fast. They help me with my keystone habit (a habit that lets to additional powerful habits). My keystone habit is getting up early before the rest of my family. When I do this then I do other habits. I practice the habit of gratitude where I write for a few minutes in my gratitude journal. Then it leds to another habit of reading positive affirmations/verses. Then it lets to another powerful/transformative habit for my soul- journaling. I often write to God on how I am feeling. I also like to practice Lectio Divina- a process of trying to read Scripture and listen to what God may be saying to me. Next I often like to end with prayer for others, another habit I want to grow in. And finally if my youngest is not up yet- I like to write or read or both.
  3. I have a daily yogurt to get live active cultures to help prevent yeast infections.
  4. Saturday night is date night and I get a mocha.

Some may say it is unwise to start my day with sugar if I am trying to abstain from it. It is so little. I could drink coffee but it takes way more sugar to make me enjoy coffee. So the 3 beans stay for the greater good.


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