Addiction is Ugly

Sugar is my kryptonite. My first fail was 6 days into this. I had 3 homemade chocolate chip cookies and a 1.5 cups of milk. Man, homemade cookies are my fav!!!! I also love the saltiness of the raw cookie dough. The cookies were mildly satisfying but not pure ecstasy like I hoped.

The indulgence led to overindulgence. There is so much science to support this. Sugar consumption leds to overeating/gluttony and slothfulness (makes you want to lounge around). I was beyond full when I went to bed. I was so uncomfortable that it was difficult to find a position to sleep in. I woke with my stomach feeling yuck. It is through failure that we can learn and grow. I am learning alot. But like my hubby said, “This is like Groundhog’s Day movie.” I have been in this exact bloated situation before. I know better but still do it. Hello!?!, doesn’t that sound like an addict! I am tempted, I know better but I still do it and then regret it afterwards.

This addiction is certainly not healthy for me (is any addiction ever healthy?). It results in ill feelings, weight gain, and other internal yucky things like inflammation of nerves etc. Sugar Crush is an excellent book if you want more of the science of that. The book is written by a doctor who was sick of amputating limbs. He goes on to share about the stench of the rotting limbs and having to saw them off due to diabetes. He said there has to be a better way than people losing limbs. He believed there has to be a way to prevent this. Did you know over 73,000 Americans a year get amputations that could have been prevented by changes in their diet? I don’t shame them at all, I recognize the addictive nature of foods that are destroying us as a nation and a world.

My addiction makes me have far more compassion for addicts of other substances like prescription drugs, alcohol etc. Those addictions have great risks and consequences as well. Those things are destroying their bodies but those addictions also hurt others. Like I am not going to total a car if I have too much chocolate or I won’t go to jail for my hidden stash of sweets. But my addiction is destructive none the less. My struggle leads me to better see the struggle of others.

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