Day 16 of my No-Buy Year

So yesterday I needed to run into on of my favorite stores for deals, the Dollar Tree. I needed to buy 3 pool noodles to try to close the gap on our baby gate so our puppy does not squeeze through the bars. I also needed to buy supplies to make 3 bags to give out to homeless individuals I see standing on the street corners when I am driving.

My oldest daughter was with me. I told her how I was about to be tempted when I went in the store. This bewildered her and she asked, “Mom, what would you want to buy at Dollar Tree?!?” I said, “Crafts, books, stuff for homeschool, etc.”

When I first entered I ran to the bathroom before shopping. When I came out I literally could not remember what I needed as my eyes were overwhelmed with stuff. I was instantly bombarded with distraction. I decided to write down the things that caught my eye and normally would have ended up in my cart and stolen my money. Here it is. Resist the temptation to judge me. 😉

  • Some Disney Pixar hardback book. So this book is not something I had wanted to read. But seeing a hardback book there with the listed $29.99 draws me in. Something about the deal of it tempts me to pick it up and flip through it. I think what a steal this is. I ponder if there is anyone I could buy this for. It is as though I don’t want to walk away from a good deal. Only til now does it cross my mind that maybe there is a good reason this book ended up on the shelf of dollar tree. It is likely was not a popular item somewhere else.
  • chalkboard tag clothespins. I don’t have a known need for this. It is cute and crafty so my eyes are drawn to it and I wonder if I have a use for it, a reason to buy it. This is likely one of those things I pick up thinking, ‘”Surely I can find a reason to use this.”
  • stickers. Cute stickers are so tempting. I had a sticker album as a kid where I collected stickers and have since bought one for each of my kids. I only have one kid now that enjoys stickers. I also used to scrapbook and used stickers for that.
  • decorative wooden signs. These are cheap knock off looks of something you might see at Hobby Lobby or Michaels but the lure of spending less is there.
  • mini glass containers. These look like message in a bottle sort of things with a cork top. I have no idea what I would use these for but they are cute and miniature. Two things that woo me. 😉
  • notepad that says, “What’s shaken’ bacon?“. I don’t need any more possible ways to add to my paper clutter. Post-its and these pads really are not my friends. I end up with a million on my desk that I have to sort through later. It would be far wiser to just write these notes where they belong in my planner, calendar etc. But I am drawn to it because I say this phrase all the time.
  • reusable tote bag. This cute bag has 2 sloths with a heart between them that says, “Want to hang?” The cute factor sucks me in. I have enough reusable bags. This one is a thin plastic that I know I would be annoyed with its lack of strength.
  • socks that say, “You complete me.” The cute cartoon ketchup and fries makes me wonder, is there anyone I can get these for? I swear if you slap a cartoon smiley face on anything it makes me do a double take. I taught preschool and 1st grade for years so I am guessing that is part of the pull. I bought these sort of things for my classrooms.

I walked out of the store victorious!! I only bought what was on my list: 3 pool noodles and the items for 3 homeless gift bags which included the following:

  • gallon ziplock to hold the items
  • 3 chapsticks
  • Individual Advil packets
  • 3 tuna salad cracker packs
  • 3 packages of dried fruit
  • 6 pack of water bottles
  • 4 packs of gum
  • 3 tissue packs
  • 3 packages of pistachios
  • I added a new pair of socks that I had at home

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