We are All Broken



We are all hurting in some way.

We all have things that we wish we put back together: a broken heart, a broken friendship, a broken relationship, a broken home, a broken marriage, a broken budget, a broken public school system, a broken prison system, a broken justice system, a broken/fragmented society and at times we can feel like a broken life.

There is hope.  Jesus is in the business of restoring broken things, putting them back together to create something beautiful.

We can feel like our broken will never amount to anything of worth and certainly not anything beautiful.

But when we take our broken pieces and bring them to a loving God (who sees us, who hears us and who loves us), He begins to help us put the broken pieces back together.

No one or nothing is so far gone that restoration is impossible.

I believe in renewal, redemption, restoration, rebirth, and resurrection.

I LOVE the music that Lecrae creates.  His song, Broken has been playing a lot in my mini van. 😉


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