What I am Learning About Faith

This season of trying to tell our CA house is definitely growing my faith.  Felt like God was leading me to do this Beth Moore study called Believing God.  She shares that we can all grow in having more faith.  Not only faith that God exists but believing God for big things.

What level faith are you experiencing right now:

  • an active and abundant faith that causes your journey with Jesus to be pretty adventurous and exciting
  • a moderate amount of faith.  Perhaps you are new to faith and on your way to developing abundant faith.  Or perhaps you had a certain setback that  made you distrustful of belief.  Circumstances can rock our faith overnight.
  • faith that is a battle of uncertaintity and fear.  Or you’re repulsed by religious jerks(that has been me at times, when I pushed people away from Jesus instead of drawing them closer to Jesus) or repulsed by get rich religious people
It is cool that we can pray and ask God to increase our faith and ask Him to reveal more of himself to us.  God is so much bigger and able than I can imagine.  I am really good at putting God in a box with human limitations.  He is the God of the universe and cannot be contained to my small limitations.  
“Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”- a bible verse found in the book of Matthew, chapter 19 and verse 26.
I have been learning that God is not limited to what I think is possible.  Recently God showed me this.  Hannah got into our top choice school.  There was over 400 in the lottery and she was 30 something on the list.  So that means 30 families had to deny a spot opened to them.  I never thought she would get in this year.  I believe that was an encouragement from God during this season of us trusting about the CA house.
Here are some awesome nuggets I am learning from this faith Bible study:
  • God is a rewarder of those who seek Him through faith
  • The requirement of faith before we see certain acts of God is one way He enforces engagement
  • The more we believe God, the more we are likely to see and experience His intervening power
  • Faith’s very essence is dependency 
  • We see so little acts of God because we believe so little
  • Faith pleases God
  • The more we receptively expose ourselves to God’s Word(the Bible) through sermons, teachings, lessons, devotionals, and Bible studies, the more fuel we will add to the fire of our faith.
  • We can ask Jesus to increase our faith and help us to overcome our unbelief
  • We can grow in faith
  • The more faith I have, the more my faith journey is an adventure and not mediocre.

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