How I am Learning to Deal with Feeling Inadequate

This is the final post of my feeling inadequate series.

The best ways to deal with my feelings of being inadequate:

  1. Embrace Who I Am.  I need to know who I am and accept it. See part 1 for cool books and tools to help you know who you are.
  • I have to lean into my strengths instead of focusing on my weaknesses.  True I try to grow in weaknesses but ultimately it makes more sense to pour into my strengths, who God has made me to be.  Life is more satisfying when we find our sweet spot and live out of it.  What are you passionate about?  What do others say you are good at?  What sucks you dry?(minimize doing that)
  • Be my authentic self because fake is exhausting.  A cool book, Be Real.  I can only be Kimi and no one else.  
      2.  Accept My Limits
  • my people pleasing tendency causes me to not live with limits.  I often feel pressured with “shoulds” and “oughts”.  Post to come on living with boundaries.  So I often experience unnecessary stress because I was not able to say no.
  • realizing as an introvert , my relational capacity has limits.  I can do people things but I cannot stay there.  But for too long I ignored that part about me and did not give myself enough alone time thus living beyond my limits which caused stress.
  • knowing and embracing that I will never complete my to do list til the day I die.  Daily I shoot to get a handful of things done from my mega to do list.  That can get done most days but to realize the to do list is never fully checked off.  There is freedom in knowing that.
  • I cannot please everyone or live up to their expectations and that is ok because I want to live for an audience of one, God and to please Him the best I can.

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