Cowboy Family Fun Night

Every Friday is family night at the Copeland house.  Most Fridays it is frozen pizza, soda or Izzy juice, movie and a popcorn.

Every once in a while I theme it up.  My goal is once a month but more like once every 2 months.

Tonight we did a Cowboy theme.  I did it before.  Sometimes I think it should be something new but kids like the familiarity and the memories from the last time.

I really just wanted something that I could use stick-on mustaches with.

Dollar Tree purchases:

  • 3 packs of mustaches
  • 2 bags of chocolate “rocks”
  • bandanas
  • Last time I bought a checkered tablecloth and plastic snakes for a game
I often don’t do themed food cause my kids look forward to pizza and soda.  Tonight we had pizza but for dessert have stuff that looks like cow patties(a word for cow poop).  True cowboys don’t eat cow patties but when I think cowboys I think lots of work like cleaning stables and farms so naturally i think of poop.  Bonus: my 4 year old son talks about poop all the time.


I love to make it feel like a theme.  So hung up some bandanas and made a mini campfire on table.  Joy helped me cut out and tape tissue paper around a tall mason jar with a tealight candle inside.


Brownies with frosting.  I sprinkled crushed oreo around the brownie to look like soil.  Then put some chocolate rocks around it.

  • I got a picture of everyone with a mustache holding up the wanted sign. I guess all my cowboys were fugitives.   I just wanted a fun picture.
  • Game:  There is a Snake in my Boot:  Put boot on the sidewalk.  Divide into 2 relay teams.  Put snakes in the boots.  Each team member needs to hop on one foot to the boot and use tongs to pick one snake out of the boot and hop back. 
  • Game:  Horse Riding Relay:  2 people race each other while riding a horse(broom), run around the house.
Tonight we had all my siblings over and my mom over since it was her birthday.


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