This Week’s Favorites

Here are some of my favorite things I am learning and growing through this week.  Actually past few weeks:


I am hooked on podcasts.  I can listen to like 3 when I grocery shop early in the morning without kids, on the drive there and back and while shopping. 🙂
Vital Friends  This is by Tom Rath who wrote Strength Finders 2.O and Eat, Move, Sleep.  He is a new favorite author.  I did not even plan to read this.  Saw it at the library and read it in a day, easy fun read.  Good insight for me, how to be a better friend
How Full is Your Bucket?.  Another one by Tom Rath and also unplanned.  Just grabbed it at library.  The premise, every interaction is either filling someone’s bucket(life giving-my wording) or take from their bucket and how to be a person who fills others’ buckets.  
Emotional Intelligence 2.0  I am still reading this.  Loving it as well.  It has a test which I love and then helps you grow in your EI.

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