Mmmm…pee- my favorite smell in the morning

So my absentminded self forgot to put a pullup on buddy last night.  So we had middle of the night accident.

So take off the cold soggy stuff and put on new pajamas.  Bathing and wiping down at this point would just further wake him thus not letting me sleep.  And if he is lucky, he’ll get a bath this evening but not likely this morning.  Just being honest. 🙂

So stripping his bed this morning to wash.  But I don’t want to wash the big-o(a new word since moving here to NC) comforter if he did not pee on it.  He is a wild sleeper and could have kicked it off so why wash if not needed?

So foolishly I still continue to use the sniff test.  Sniffing would not be so bad if I did not nuzzle my face in it.  First few whiffs, all clean but the last one(it’s the last cause I realize- bad method) I bury my face in a nice pee section.  Yum, Good morning.  The joys only a mama could know. 😉


One comment

  1. Stephanie L · April 8, 2014

    Totally something I do!! Don't feel bad…we all do it!! Hope the rest of the day is better!! 🙂


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