Choosing to See the Wins and Celebrate Them

The win is something positive in my life.  So I am trying to intentionally look for the areas in my life where I am winning.  That does not mean in a competitive sense where I am comparing myself to others but the areas where I am succeeding for goals I set for myself.

I have to choose to see the wins.

All too often, even just 30 minutes, I was focusing on all I had not accomplished today.  I was allowing myself to dwell on what was still on my long to do list and starting to beat myself up over it and feeling defeated.

I am thankful to God when I recognize the downward spiral and choose to look up.  So I decided to start thinking of all I accomplished today and celebrate that.

I was reading and journaling from a favorite book called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.  This week’s chapter was on grief and loss and knowing our limits.  It said, “We will finish our lives with unfinished goals and dreams.”  I want to add to that, we will finish our day with unfinished to do lists and chores. Supermom is a myth.  True there may be a rare day where I finish the one or 2 chores chosen for the day but I never have a totally clean house and everything highlighted off my list.

I am considering starting a journal for this.  My wins journal.  But maybe also make it my gratitude journal like my friend has started.  So a place to list my wins(nothing is too small) and things I am thankful for.

My wins thus far: (not exciting for anyone else but big to me)

  • folded 3 loads of laundry and put away(huge for me because clean laundry sits out a long time here)
  • re-enacted a pit scene from Return of the Jedi with Isaiah using his angry bird star wars guys
  • went grocery shopping
  • made an eye appointment for Hannah
  • journaled(that is what my blog is for me)- writing is so good for my heart
  • baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies with Joy
  • got up at 5am and did Insanity workout with Jeremy(win because I vowed off early mornings and exercise for many years 🙂
  • walked/jogged to the park with whole fam(1/2 mile each way). We jogged because kids pretended jeremy was Jabba the Hut, Isaiah was Luke, Joy was princess Leia, me some mean Darth Mal lady from Clone wars and Hannah was herself.  So they were running from us.

I could be frustrated that my bed is unmade, toilets still have an orange film on them, havent done my daily Bible reading yet(but I will, trying to read through it this year), rest of the house has junk everywhere, etc.  But today I choose to see the wins and celebrate them.


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