Our Stay-cation

I am starting to treasure the days following Christmas.  I love Christmas but I also love the time after Christmas.

We take a couple days off after Christmas and then there is the weekend(with a Sunday off- we cancel church the Sunday after Christmas to give our team and ourselves a break).

So our stay-cation, vacation at home ended up being 5 days off.  This is a tradition I want to keep for our yearly rhythm.    It is basically an extended Sabbath rest for us.

What I have enjoyed:

  • staying in PJs most of the time
  • ditching my to do list/planner
  • not getting up at 5 am(Monday-Thursday) to exercise- but still exercising with Jeremy just not super early
  • staying up late to watch movies with hubby
  • playing games with kids(Beat the Parents- new game from Aunt Amy)
  • lounging around/snuggling on couch watching movies or reading books
  • taking naps(I love this)
  • one night- eating at Mellow Mushroom
  • looking at Christmas lights at the Tobacco District in Downtown Durham
  • sleeping in
  • ditching housework
  • doing stuff I enjoy like organizing messy areas(I know that is weird but I love it)
  • brunch and dinner with extended family on Christmas day
  • baking chocolate chip banana bread muffins
  • date night at PFChangs(using gift card from sister) where we got to dream about new year by writing goals together

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