I am Sick of the clutter and stuff!

So 2013 I have been working on decluttering.  I have found this AWESOME podcast called Simple Life Together.  I found it through Beyond the To Do List.

I am finding so much inspiration to simplify my life and my belongings so I can enjoy the things that truly matter in life.

I am HOOKED on it.

It is not just about possessions but simplifying all areas like morning routines, going paperless, communicating better, etc.

I often do not have quiet moments to be able to listen to a podcast but my drive to grocery shopping(since I go super early in the morning to be able to go kidless:), while grocery shopping(keep one earbud in one ear),  the drive back, or during a nap, or while washing dishes, or laundry, etc.

I listened to 2 great ones this morning:

episode 11 – Becoming a Minimalist
episode ?(i deleted as soon as i listened to it)- Creating Your Morning Routine- I needed that since my morning was crazy


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