Criticism Hurts

Proverbs 15:2 talks about foolishness belching out from a fool.

Author from the book Unglued has a quick way to discern if the person giving the criticism is trying to help me or hurt me with the criticism.

Proverbs 15:2a says ,”The tongue of the wise makes knowledge appealing,”

Criticism from a wise person can help me grow.  Lysa says a wise person is someone who:
-doesn’t believe assumptions but cares enough about me to get the facts straight
-has prayed about giving me this input and reflects gentleness, humility, and grace when delivering the criticism.

She said if the criticism is destructive, hurtful, unnecessary or harsh then it likely speaks more of their insecurities than our inadequacies.

It is our responsibility to stay calm and remain gentle when responding.

“No matter what kind of criticism we get- helpful or hurtful- it still stings.”

Such a good filter to use when I receive stuff but also great for myself to remember how to delicately deliver criticism in a way that is helpful.

Since I am trying to grow in dealing with conflict and confrontation in a healthy way- this was super helpful.  Jesus, help me to receive criticism well and to give it gracefully.

Check out  Unglued in the devotional plans on the youversion app.  The book is also one of my favorites of all time.  So insanely applicable. 🙂


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