What God is teaching me lately

So the word discipline was one of my focus words for 2013.  Much of the year that focus has been me trying to be disciplined in rising early to study and pray and to take care of the body God has given me.

But recently there has been a new angle on the word discipline, I have been studying alot about spiritual disciplines(things people have done through out history that draw them closer to God) but specifically 2 disciplines: silence and solitude.  Dallas Willard(a brilliant scholar and teacher) believes these are the 2 most important ones.  All the disciplines are awesome but he thinks those are key for growth.

I can’t get enough about reading about these two.  So intriguing.  There were 2 chapters in the book I recently finished called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality.  I am currently reading an entire book focused on spiritual disciplines called Sacred Rhythms. I am loving that book.

I feel like God is reminding me to focus on Him and growing personally.  There can be so many things that pull my attention away.  I can get easily lost in doing mode that I don’t spend much time being with God.

The demands of life can cause you to drown or get buried.  In Emotionally Healthy Spirituality the author shared how in some places snow blizzards get so bad that one cannot even see their own hand in front on them.  So many people will tie a rope to themselves and then to their front door before venturing out to the barn, mailbox or etc.  Many have died without that because they could not find their house in the blizzard and froze to death. He shares how the discipline of silence and solitude(search solitude on my blog to read more) and the discipline of honoring Sabbath(I have lots of blogposts about that) are like that rope/lifeline for us.  It keeps us from getting lost in the craziness of life/demands on us.  Without these we can feel like we are dying under it all.  Silence/solitude and taking Sabbath rest keep us centered and sane.

I can totally attest to that.  Those practices are so life giving and refreshing.  They bring so much peace to my heart.

So I feel like God is reminding me to stay tied to these life lines which ultimately keep me connected to Him.  And to also share what I am learning with others so they too can enter into His peace.


One comment

  1. Jillien Minera · October 24, 2013

    sound like great reads. thanks for sharing the wisdom you find in your many readings 🙂


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