Laugh More Part 2

Yesterday I laughed so hard.
It was the kind when you attempt to speak you can’t because you are laughing so hard.

I couldn’t even stand, I was on the ground laughing hard for like 10 minutes.

The kind of laughing where I am exhausted when it ends but it felt so good.

Tears were streaming down.  Weird noises and snorts were being made.

What would cause me to laugh so hard?  Scaring my 3 year old son.  I know- I’m terrible.  I am certain it is that first born in me that loved to tease and share my siblings growing up.  It has never left me.

So I knew he was in my bathroom and heading out.  I got down on my knees and put my face right as his face level so that when the door opened I would be inches from his face.  I can’t type this without giggling.  So when he opened the door- there was my unexpected face.  I then quietly roared.  So I guess I restrained myself somewhat.  It could have been worse- I could have jumped out at  him with a mask on.  maybe later in life. 🙂

His response really wasn’t all that big.  He was startled and like did a quick small body quiver.

I immediately start laughing.  He then says,”Mommy, stop laughing.”  So I try to contain myself until he is downstairs and then the uncontrolllable laughter breaks forth.

Meanwhile Jeremy is in our bathroom getting ready.  I am trying to explain to him what I did but the words aren’t coming.  So he gets one or two words in between the hysteria.  He then teases me and says,” Sure you’re the one person he trusts the most and you’re gonna scare.”  Later that night I asked him, “So you aren’t tempted to scare our kids? or tickle their noses with a feather while they sleep?”.  He smiled and said,”No.”  He loves being married to a crazy.

I am such a hyprocrite.  I love to watch others get pranked or scared but never want it done to me.  Like I die laughing at shows like Scare Tactics.  Usually during my laughter I say,”that is terrible.” but i still find it so funny.  I am so easy to scare and I have warned my siblings and my kids not to scare me. I usually add,”You don’t want me to have a heart attack.”

As much as I want to do this daily, I better not to prevent emotional scarring.

Later that day, Jeremy had surprised me with a gift- a sweet card and Jim Gaffagin’s(comedian) new book, Dad is fat.  I look forward to laughing with jeremy as we read this.


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