Saturday Rest

Today was truly a day of rest for myself and my family. We try to have saturdays be a day of rest for us since Sundays are a workday for jeremy. when we actually observe and practice Sabbath, a day of rest, it is awesome!! i hope to do it weekly like God intends.

 I see why God commands us to honor the Sabbath and rest. He knows that we will go weeks and even months without taking a full day to rest. We work, work, worry, worry until we are weary. One day a week to rest from the rat race is so needed.

 On these rest days i totally forget about cleaning and let it go. I will occasionally wipe a counter down, load a few dishes but that is it. no toilet cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, nothing serious. my house will survive and life will not end if it is messy for a day.

 I also try not to do any “obligations or duties”. Like today i caught myself looking at my planner with my giant to do list and i stopped because that is so not bringing peace and rest to my soul.

 Sabbath for me is about enjoying God, family, friends, and the outdoors(when not freezing). our goal is to spend 2 saturdays being lazy at home(staying in our pjs and just vegging) and maybe the other two having family adventures(going out to do something new and exciting).

Another key to a restful, rejuvenating Sabbath(day off) is to escape from the trap of cell phones.  My phone so easily lures me in.  Like when I am out at a park or museum I can easily be tempted to mess on my phone instead of enjoying my kids and being fully present with them.  It amazed me to see majority of the parents at the kids museum with heads down starring at their phone instead of being engaged with their children.  I don’t want to be that.

So anyways for a full 24 hours, friday dinner to Saturday dinner, I try to power down my cell phone.
Which means:
No texting
No calendar
No facebook
No phonecalls
No alarm beeping telling me of upcoming activities
soooooo good 🙂


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