Solitude is sweet to my soul

2 weeks in a row I have got away for some solitude time.  Many people whom I admire their faith say practicing spiritual disciplines have helped them to be who they are.

Spiritual disciplines like Bible reading, prayer, tithing, solitude and serving.

I love walking to the lake.  I am often tempted to run to burn some extra calories at the same time.  As a mom, I am guilty of wanting to multitask. 🙂  But I resisted the urge to run or walk fast but to just stroll.  Because if I am running, I am only thinking,”When is this done?” 🙂

As I walk – I love to listen to the leaves rustling, birds singing, and breeze blowing through the trees.  I love to admire the brilliant shades of green. I love how the sun shines on the creation all around me.  I love the smell of pine trees, transports me to one of my favorite places, Hume Lake in CA.  I love sitting at the lake watching the ripples on the water, listening to the fountain.  Sometimes I have no thoughts, just stillness and quiet.  Other times I can only pour my gratitude out to God.  Since solitude is a discipline- I discipline my thoughts- I resist the urge to think all on that is on my to do list.  If a worry pops in my head or something else that is not refreshing I push it aside and just enjoy God’s creation around me.  This time of solitude is meant to be different than all the other time in my week.

The quiet and peace of this solitude connects me to my creator. I feel so close to Jesus in these moments.  It refuels my soul and refreshes my heart.

I am amazed that I cannot remember the last time I intentionally exercised the discipline of solitude.  Sure sometimes I am alone folding laundry or showering or other things but it is not purposeful solitude.

My goal is to revisit this solitude, to make it a regular part of my rhythm.   Once a week is what I am shooting for.  One hour in the early morning, once a week.

I hope I can still to it.  Not out of feeling like I ought to but because I so need to.


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