Don’t Believe the Lies

This morning I am journaling from the Joyce Meyer New Day New You devotional on youversion.    She says,”When God called me into ministry, people told me, “Joyce, a group of us have been talking, and we feel that there is no way you are ever going to be able to do what you say God has told you that you are going to do.  We don’t feel your personality is suitable for such a job.”

That was our story.  Prior to the move to NC I felt equally discouraged when someone had said the same to us about becoming church planters- that we could not do it and they actually discouraged someone who was thinking of taking the leap of faith with us.  This person told them,”Why would you go with them?  Jeremy can’t start a church.”  How hurtful to know someone thought that and that they would share those hurtful thoughts with others.  A painful wound.  As much as it hurt- we knew we were called to this.  God had made it clear.  Our course these words planted seeds of fear and doubt- exactly what our enemy wanted.  This person was not our enemy.  Satan is our real enemy.  He is the one who spoke these lies to this person.  This person was probably unknowingly used as a tool of discouragement by the enemy of our souls.  Satan wants to discourage us from pursuing the big dreams God puts on our hearts.   Satan knew if we planted a church that God would use that mightily and that He would change lives as they came to church.  So satan will discouarge us thru direct lies whispered to our minds and also thru the words of others.

So 2 things I was reminded of this morning:

1: Listen to what God says about me.  Ignore the lies of satan.  when words(spoken or unspoken) come to me I must ask myself if they are consistent to what God teaches me in his word.  If not consistent with the truth in the Bible then I must dismiss the words.  easier said than done.  Words have incredible sticking ability. I often have to replace the lies with his truth.   Sometimes I will find a verse that encourages and strenghtens me hurtful words are spoken.

2:  Don’t allow Satan to use me as a tool of discouragement/hurt.  I dont want my words to wound someone.  I have been used too much as an agent of hurt instead of healing/encouragement.  I want to guard my tongue/words and not speak the lies I may hear.  Perfection is an unattainable goal but I can pursue holiness(being set apart for the purposes of God- pursuing a good, pure life).  There are lots of things that I want to grow in and allow God to transform the dark parts of my heart. 🙂  watching my mouth is a big one.  In the 20 years(geez- i do not feel old enough to say that 🙂 of following of Jesus He has be smoothing out my rough edges.  I have many more sharp places that hurt others and myself.  Thank God for the journey and that He does not give up on me but loves me and molds me like a careful craftsman.

Philippians 1:6

New Living Translation (NLT)
And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.



  1. Elizabeth Vance · June 3, 2013

    Very encouraging post Kimi. I know it will hit home with a lot of people including myself.


  2. Jillien Minera · June 3, 2013

    I did that same devotional a couple of months back! Very powerful stuff. I love hearing the wisdom that God sends through you! LORD KNOWS I have to watch my mouth!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  3. Kimi · June 4, 2013

    thanks. sometimes i feel like a should type up my soap(bible journaling) stuff. must be a God thing:)


  4. E Manders · June 6, 2013

    In a Bible study I was in this past year, the instructor was sharing one of her 'mottos' that is actually part of the medical field but she applies it to her spoken words … “FIRST, do NO harm” … for some reason that has really stuck with me as I try to be intentional about what I let out of my mouth. This post was a great reminder! Thanks for sharing Kimi!


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