Seeds of Faith

Here is my S.O.A. P reading for the day. i am just typing it from my journal. S=Scripture, O=observation, A=application, P=prayer

S- 1 Corinthians 3:6 is the verse i focused on for the day. It says,”I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it grow.”
O- We are all team players. No superstars or one more important than others. We all have gifts that we need to use.
A- it was good to remember only God can make faith grow. i am not responsible for the growth of others faith. I can plant seeds(talking about Jesus) in people’s lives and i can water those seeds through encouragement. so often i want others to know the hope i have and to experience the life that Jesus gives. but i often can feel like i am responsible to get them to trust and believe in Jesus. I cannot bear that burden but i do want to be faithful to plant and water where i need to. I have many that i want to water. I have to remember that i am not the only one probably watering(encouraging them towards faith) them. It is easy to try to water people in our church, neighborhood, etc… and forget the precious seedlings in my home-my kids. I am their primary gardener. i want to pour God’s love and Word over them daily. i want to be a tender gardener that sings to and loves my little seedlings. Not just love my own kids but the many other kids that come through my door.
P- Dear Jesus, help me to always remember that it is only you who can make a seed grow. But help me to be a faithful gardener who regularly waters and cares for the seedlings in my life. Help me not to ever overelook the seedlings(my kids) right in front of me. Lord it is such a huge responsiblity to care and guide mykids. I never want to take this job lightly. I want to see my kids grow into mighty oaks of righteousness(fancy word for right living) like it says in the end of Isaiah 61:3,” they will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.” That is my ultimate goal of being a mom. That my kids would know and love Jesus and that their lives would display the goodness of God. I pray that their lives would be characterized by love, integrity, peace, joy and strength. When i hear mighty oaks of righteousness i think of the awe-inspiring redwoods in California. I pray that my kids’ lives would point people to Jesus like those trees point to the heavens.
Help me Jesus to also be faithful in watering the other lives around me. God, you have brought people into my life who are thirsty for life. I pray i can pour God’s love into them. That i can be a support to them as a growing plant. But help me to ultimately remember that it is only you Jesus who makes them grow as people and grow in faith. i cannot have faith for them but can only point them to you, Jesus who transforms lives and gives hope, peace, joy and strength. God has touched my life and taught me something and i wanted to share it.

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