How our Family Enjoys Sabbath(rest-day off):

Since recently trying to rest one day a week- it is great. Last week was super busy and I only rested a few hours on Saturday. Living a life without regular rhythmic rest is unsustainable and will likely lead to a burnout, weary existence. So this week I have been looking forward to Sabbath, which for us is Friday dinner to Saturday dinner. I try to get my junk/house clean, etc. done before 5 on Friday. And if i dont that is fine- but easier to let go and rest when I do. I resist the urge to do and ignore the “i should….”. Sometimes it takes a 22 month old to remind me to do this. Last night after dinner Isaiah with his chubby little hand took my finger and lead me to his room to play “dep bup”- translation pet shop. So I sit down next to him and once he is distracted I attempt to sneak out to get something done on my computer (email or something). After only a few seconds I hear, “Mama, mama, mama.” And there is Isaiah at my side with arm outstretched with his chubby finger waiting for me to grab onto it and follow him back into his room. It is as though he says, “Mama, you forgot we were playing and you left.” After a few minutes I search again for my chance to slip out. I do and the cycle repeats with Isaiah. And two attempts, I get it- just forgot about it. Let it go. Sit on the floor, rest, play with your son – nothing is so important that it cannot wait 24 hours to respond to. Thank you Isaiah for reminding me to play and for a moment to stop being such a grown up.

So today the agenda for me is:
*sleep in til 10:00 a.m
*eat frozen pizza for lunch with kids
*read my book
*bake Ty’s delicious blueberry muffins
*eat so many I need to sit and let it digest
*journal(blog- I love to write my thoughts down. such a relaxing exercise)
*Jeremy took the girls on a daughter date while Isaiah napped so I can enjoy a quiet house
So for our family Sabbath means:
-sleeping in
-PJs all day
-slippers (this is nothing new for me-I wear them anytime I am awake during cold months)
-stacking dishes in sink
-ignoring my messy house
-creating (baking, scrapbooking, woodworking, etc…)
-forget about food rules and healthy eating
-cozy on the couch
I love thinking and writing about Sabbath. I have other posts on Sabbath and rest.

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