What I was lacking this week….

This week has been an insanely busy church planters week. jeremy and I have been so busy with trying to get ready for Sunday. We sent out a 20,000 mailer and want to make sure we are ready if new visitors come. We want to have all our ducks in a row and just make sure everything is done with excellence. So I have felt like I am paddling just keep my head above the water. We usually take time to rest friday evening to Saturday evening. But we both worked late into the night last night. So today I wanted to make sure I took sometime to just rest in God’s goodness. Once I laid Isaiah down for his nap, girls were watching Fraggle Rock- I wanted to spend some time resting and doing something I normally do not have time to do but want to do. sometimes that just means a nap, or scrapbooking but today I just wanted to clean my bedroom- which is normally just a dumping ground- totally not a retreat away. I decided to listen to some of my favorite praise music, The Campaign,(you tube video of a song-i am not a pro at adding links. i could not find a website for them) while doing so. I was able to just shut the door, turn it up and enjoy the music. Praise music is sooooo good for my soul. It connects my heart to my Savior and brings new life to my weary bones. How do I get so caught up in doing, meetings, and the craziness of life that I forget that I need to stay connected to Jesus who gives me life. Many weeks the only time I spend in worship is on Sunday mornings. I want to get back in a grove of playing my favorite praise songs in the van and in my living room- just singing & dancing with my precious kids. I want my kids to see my relationship with Jesus- not just a private faith but one I live out and they can see their mama singing to the Lord. so thankful for music!!


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