Camping Family Fun Night

I have been trying to think outside our usual family fun box of pizza, movie and ice cream. I thought about camping and then hannah had a dream about camping which ignited her desire to camp. We took her as a baby and that was it so we hope to take her this spring. But until then we decided to do it indoors. Jeremy set up the tent in the girls bedroom. He also bought a crickets sound from itunes to loop and listen to for the real effect. We ate grilled hot dogs and doritos. While the kids took a bath, Jeremy lit a fire, turned off all the lights downstairs for camping atmosphere, and prepped a tray of smore goodies. The girls loved roasting marshmellows. They went to sleep to the relaxing noise of crickets. I have always loved planning themed birthday parties. I think i have now found a new passion, themed family fun nights.


One comment

  1. Chrissy · March 11, 2011

    What an awesome idea!!:) LOVE IT!!! You're always amazingly creative. I can't wait to hear of your other themed family fun nights!:)


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