Christmas Tree

Our tree is one of my favorite holiday things. Jeremy has to have a fresh one too, something about tradition. =) i like the smell of it too but it does not last long. Our tree is like an outlet for me to be creative. it is kinda like a living scrapbook. i love to make ornaments out of little frames that capture our family for the year or a special event. Like this year I made one of Hannah missing her two front teeth plus the family pic. It is fun to look back at the older pictures. I am such a sucker for meaningful ornaments. I love to make them and find perfect ones for others. But I am sure others are not as crazy about them as I am. I think my all time favorite tradition comes from his mom. She would buy Jeremy an ornament each year that symbolizes something significant for that year. This is a tradition I continue on with my kids. Like this year I bought Joy a dress ornament because I could not get her to wear much else. And for Hannah I bought a cute beaver ornament that sings,”all i want for Christmas is my two front teeth”. Our Christmas tree tells our story and i LOVE that.

One comment

  1. Jillien · December 24, 2010

    you are wonderfully and inspiringly thoughtful Kimi. Everything you do is with purpose and sentimentality in its best form. I'm lucky to call you friend.


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