Slow Down and Catch Your Breath

Sometimes I feel like I am going at such a crazy speed that it is hard just to relax.

I am now starting to recognize when my speed of life is getting too crazy.

I can often feel it in my limbs.  I feel the stress building there.  My head may start to hurt.  My thoughts seem to be going crazy like a hamster on a wheel.  I began to feel myself rushed and also rushing others, usually my kids.

I am trying when I notice this to stop, pause and take a few deep breaths.  I don’t want to rush through life.  When I rush I get cranky.  I often feel grumpy and then cause others to start feeling that way.

My kids respond to me.  What mood am I setting in our home?  Is it is a frantic, frazzled mood?  Or a calm, peaceful, “let’s just roll with it” mood?

My calendar starts to get too crazy when I notice that I am not making time for the things that restore my soul.  Am I so busy that I haven’t exercised in forever?  When was the last time I read for enjoyment?  When was my last date with hubby?  Am I getting enough sleep?  When was my last day off?

God knew we would have trouble stopping work and resting.  He actually commanded the Israelites (as us too) to take a day off (one of the 10 commandments- you know the Charlton Heston old movie ;).  One of the definitions of Sabbath (fancy word for day off) is “to catch one’s breath”.  This commandment like all the others was not to restrict us but for our benefit.  Like not murdering, it’s good for us not to do that because prison and revenge don’t benefit us.  It is meant to refresh us.

We tend to find our value and worth in what we accomplish so he commanded us to take a day off.  Find our worth in being children of God and loved by him.  It is a day to refreshed, replenished, rejuvenated, restored and many re- words 🙂

When do you each week take a 24 hour period to unplug, ditch the to do list and enjoy life?

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