Want to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

The key to doing so is developing habits to stick to them.

I have been reading lots lately on keystone habits, a term in the book The Power of Habit.  I have yet to read the book but listened to 2 podcast on it from Andy Stanley’s awesome leadership podcast, check it out

Instead of me trying to paraphrase it all just read these great links below.

Interview with the author of The Power of Habit (good stuff!!)

The Power of Keystone Habits

3 Ways to Discover Your Keystone Habits

Some more articles I read that might be helpful:

Small Changes that Create Big Results

The Lift App on my phone has been wonderful in helping me to accomplish things.  I first heard about this app on The Beyond the Todo list podcast (hooked on it), About developing Habits.  I learned that to be successful probably should not have more than 8 new goals you are trying to do.  So you put them in this app and you complete, you get to check it off- so rewarding for me 😉