Grief is Exhausting

This is a journal entry from almost 2 months ago:

“I’ve learned this week that grief is literally exhausting. I figured it exhausting emotionally and mentally but it is also physical weariness. This makes sense since we are whole beings with a mind, body and soul. I have felt tired a lot this week. With closing down Story Church and losing Holly all in the same week- we are spent. Jeremy feels the exhaustion as well. So I have been taking frequent cat naps as needed. I sleep when I feel tired. I am trying to honor what my body needs. I am sitting and being still as needed. I am trying to set aside times to do this so I don’t go on autopilot and work and work and ignoring what my soul and body needs”.

It has been 2 months since I journaled this. I don’t feel the same exhaustion. But I am so very thankful for the generous support of our church financial board that has given us this extended Sabbatical to rest. This time set aside to rest is so necessary. Taking this time to breathe deep, reflect on the gifts of the last 13 years and releasing what needs to be released.


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