Fostering is No Joke

Today the tears come easily. I feel wore down by our 5 year old. Simple requests that should be obeyed get ignored and I am tired. I have to stop worrying that this oppositional behavior will get worse. I need to pray for miracles because I’m too exhausted to think of otherwise. This level of defiance is one I’ve never encountered in almost 18 years of mothering. I feel clueless and not equipped for this parenting rodeo. But I know none of this surprises God. He brought this precious little life to our family. So He believes I’m equipped to do this. God has good plans for him and our family. I’m in a place desperate for answers because I’m tired.

I know to stay sane I need ALOT of time with Jesus. In order to reflect my kind saviour I need alot of time with Him. I need a refill of his love and kindness every few hours so I don’t lose it. I’m tired. Lord, you say come to you if I am weary or exhausted and then you will give me rest. Lord, help me to come to you and to come often because I’m tired.

I know You need to help bring peace to the storms inside me so I can help calm his little storms before they turn into tsunamis.

Lord, thank you that Hannah brought him to play with the kiddos she is babysitting. I know he needs the fun time with friends. And I need the time for quiet, solitude, prayer, walking and writing.


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