My “Failures” with No Sugar Challenge

So it is only March of this crazy experiment of mine. I have more failures than I can list or remember. But I keep at it this experiment. I am not letting a slip up stop me from trying again the next hour, day etc. I realize it was kind of silly for me to think I would not mess up this much. I am addicted to sugar so it’s pull on me has been very strong at times. I can see why some advocate total absence without cheat days. I find after the cheat day it is harder to stick to my resolve. But no sugar forever does not seem like my cup of tea. So I continue on with this experiment.

A friend was telling me about this idea she read in a book. I have no idea the author or book title;). But it is this idea of moderation and abstinence. This author said some people can do very well with living with moderation. They just need a little bit and they are fine to walk away. And then there are those who choose to abstain fully because moderation is too difficult for them. They often cannot eat just a bite of cake, they eat the whole cake. I am definitely in the second group of people. For me sugar consumption often leads to overboard, gluttony and regret. I find it is nice to recognize that about myself.

These slip ups could be seen as “failures” but in my mind I am learning sooooo much. I feel like this experiment thus far has been a huge success and not because I have not made any mistakes. It has been a huge success for me because I am learning so much from this process. It is my failures that are revealing things to me. So I keep living and taking good notes along the way and trusting I will be changed for the better on the other side of this thing.

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