Update on No Sugar Year

I realize I have not blogged on this experiment or my No Buy Year experiment for over 2 months. I have been taking notes but nothing published. Things have been tough with our youngest’s behavior. So that has been taking most of my time and energy. But I have missed writing so I am making it a priority again. My hubby and I alternate our sleep-in days. He sleeps in on Friday and I sleep in on Saturday. I take the whole Saturday morning off from parenting til noon. It is glorious. I sleep in for a bit and then get up and often write, read and journal.

I have been learning so much about myself and my habits with these experiments. I will share more about the no buy in another post.

So I want to adjust my “cheats”, my “rules” for this no sugar challenge. I am still having sugar one day a week, on our family’s Sabbath, day of rest and fun. But I am no longer having the 3 chocolate covered coffee beans each morning. I had thought I needed them to stay awake. But the more I rise early, same time each morning, the easier the discipline/habit is becoming. I am also not having daily yogurt for the active cultures. The peach yogurt was only 12 grams of sugar (much I think was from the milk and not necessarily added sugar) but I think the sugar just causes my body to crave it more and I don’t need more things working against me because it is already a challenge. I find when I have no added sugar then I have way less cravings, some days almost none. I found cottage cheese that has live active cultures so I am eating that most days to help my gut. I eat it with canned pineapple tidbits for a nice sweet fix with no added sugar.


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