Hopes for this Contentment Challenge

  1. Naturally that contentment would grow. A wise, elderly man Stanley Tam (from the book, Draw the Circle ) said, “A man can eat only one meal at a time, wear only one suit of clothes at a time, drive only one car at a time – All this I have. Isn’t that enough?”
  2. Have more money to give away. I also plan to give away/donate the items we no longer need or want. I love the work of Durham Rescue Mission and they have thrift stores that the profits go to fund their mission. This is also normally a favorite place to shop because it helps their mission. I want to increase our monthly giving. I want to increase the percentage we give away each month. We have all our needs met plus so many wants while there are kids without food, clean water, acmes to school etc. There is more I want to do. I admire the work of The Kefa Project to try to help child homelessness in Rwanda.
  3. Simplify life. One way I already see this happening prior to this challenge is with my clothes. I only have about 10-15 hangers in my closet. This decluttering has been a journey. (Check out The Magic of Tidying – book or Netflix series if need help). With less, there is less stress what to wear. I only have what I love. Basically I have enjoyed this winter just wearing a few outfits, kinda like a uniform;). I heard of others who have done this. I was reminded of this simplicity in Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry. Now I have been wearing leggings, long sleeve shirt and a vest or a black hoodie. It is cute, easy and I like it. I don’t worry about what others think. I embrace the simplicity.
  4. More time to do what matters and less time spent shopping online. Seriously how much time should I spend looking for rain boots? The internet is like a black hole for me that I can easily get lost in.
  5. Inspire others. I hope others find hope, joy, peace through trying this. I hope others find freedom from the hold of things. I hope others find freedom from the pressure to keep up with others.


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