Why Do I Rush My Kids so Much?

This is advice I try to give myself.  It has taken me over a decade of being a mom to figure this out.

I used to be in such a rush. I often was running late not because of them but because I was a poor planner.  True, I was so busy putting out fires but if I just started getting us all ready earlier or even prepped the night before, there would have been less mornings where I made my kids cry with yelling and rushing.

Life is precious but it is hard to notice that we are busy rushing.  I once read 6 ways to be a more joyful mom and one of the tips was to stop rushing your kids.

I think how many times I stressed my poor kids out with my frantic pace.  What if I just stopped, took a deep breath and moved forward with as much grace and love and possible?

I have been learning as an adult to take moments to be still and be deep, like a recess,mini retreat for my soul.  As I slow down my own heart and pace then I go take more time with my kids. What’s the big rush anyway?

I love the posts written by blogger and author of Hands Free Mama.  Here is a wonderful post on the topic.  Reading her post inspired me to write mine.


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