How I’m Learning to Say No: Part 1

“No”- this is not an evil word.  I want to get good at saying it.  I am reading The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands.  There are many good things I can say yes to but not everything is the best thing to say yes to.  When I say yes to something I am also saying no to something else.  For example: if I say yes to volunteer at my kids school today after lunch then I am saying no to a nap.  It is a silly example but true.  I have to pay attention to my schedule and how full is it.

  • Are there pockets of margin or am I booked solid all day, 7 days a week?
  •  Do I have rest periods scheduled into my day?
  • For me if something is not on the schedule like exercise or sit and read then it might get squeezed out by all the many other things calling for my attention.
  • Is my soul calling out to get attention?
  • How well am I paying attention to what my soul needs?
  • Do I just need to press pause for a few minutes and breathe deep?

After coming out of a season (experiencing burnout) of feeling weary and burnout I am learning that I must say yes to myself more.  It is not selfish to say yes to care for my own soul and body.  As a mom it is hardest for me to say no to my kids.  Like last night, I should have said no to their request to watch Cupcake Wars.  I had it all planned out.  Once they were in bed by 8 (This itself has been a process of learning to have a set evening rhythm) then I would hop on the treadmill and go for a run.  While on there I planned to watch my weekly video from my life coach, Lisa Grace Bryne from her Replenish course.  But I caved and they were up till 8:50 so I missed out on 2 opportunities to do something that is good for myself.  As a mom I can feel bad but it is actually a gift to my kids if their mom can be replenished herself.

It is my goal to be intentional this year with pausing and being present.  Soak up the good all around me.

I am learning that not every opportunity is a God opportunity.


One comment

  1. A Grammas Life · March 22, 2016

    Boy that is tough isn’t it? Saying no to the kids, especially when they’re not really asking for much. I understand that, I was very weary when my kids were little but you’re right you do have to set up a routine or schedule for them and yourself. Mom’s almost always put themselves last and it sounds like you do to. You’re heading in the right direction by making time to replenish yourself, pausing and saying yes more to yourself. Very nice, I support you.


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