Roll with the Crazy or Go Crazy

This pic made me think of us just rolling with it;).  A silly picture we sent to my 13yr. old sister.  So many of her pics have her and her friends posing like this so we had to do it too

This is how I felt the other day.

Either I have to go with the crazy, laugh and just get things done or loose my mind.

Here is how my day went:

I decided to sleep in and get a little extra sleep which NEVER pays off for me.  (here is why)

“Mom are you making waffles?”

“No because we don’t have the directions to the mix. ” I saved the mix in a jar but tossed the box directions.  Thank God for the ease of cereal but my family is hooked on the stuff so trying to wean them back.

“How many bowls of cereal did Joy have?”  Always a fight as to who had the most cereal.

“Mom when can I get the money for my field trip?”

Nuts, I did not factor that $80 bucks into my budget.  Gotta rework the budget today.

Hubby- “Honey, can you sign these checks and get them in the mail?”

I go upstairs to brush my teeth and I see Jeremy on the floor sorting laundry which means he is out of clothes.  I am thankful that when he sees a need -he just gets it done instead of asking.

Hubby- “I was just going to get a load started.”

Me- “No you can’t yet, I’m running 2 loads of peed on bedding.”

Jeremy- “We need a date, we are like 2 ships passing in the night.”

Me-  “We are not even passing in the night the last few days.” (with this frantic pace)

Jeremy takes Hannah to school while we finish getting ready for the day.

Other 2 kids are loaded in the car to head to Buddy’s new school for his kindergarten assessment.

My keys are nowhere to be found.  After an hour and half of searching I call Jeremy and ask him to come back home so he can take my sister Kandy to work.  Once he is here I decide to look in my purse again.  My sister and I had each looked in there 3 times.   I discover the inner liner of my purse pocket has ripped and the keys had fallen into the black abyss of my purse.

Hubby graciously smiles and rolls with it.  He did not get angry or annoyed – just was lovingly patient.

During the hour long search my youngest kids surprised me by making my bed. (Acts of service is one of my top love languages)

I had to laugh and just roll with this morning.  I am able to laugh because I often feel like Lucille Ball in an I Love Lucy episode.

Majority of the time I would allow these setbacks to frustrate and annoy me which then makes me snap at people and someone ends up crying.  Usually a child first then me next because I fell remorse for crushing their spirit.

It is taking me a long time to realize how I react to things often defines how things turn out.  I cannot control what things come my way but I can control how I respond.

So thankful that life is a journey and that God is not done with me yet.


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