Books Read in 2014

My husband is an avid reader and he has inspired me to grow by reading.  I can now say I love to read.  Our oldest daughter has also caught the passion for reading.  She decided to keep track of books read since the summer, she read 27 chapter books!  She tied my count for the whole year.   For the last few years I have been setting goals each year for reading.  Last year I had a goal to read 24 books.  So I decided to set a safe goal for 2015 and say 24 books.  But my daughter challenged me by saying, “Mom, why are you going to set a smaller goal for yourself since you read 27 this year?”

Wow, she is calling me to step it up. 😉

So I am shooting for 30 books for 2015.

Here is last year’s list:

1.  Straight Talk with Your Kids About Sex – very helpful

2.  Eat, Move, Sleep (super easy read, love it, already read it again this year)

3.  Peacemaker-  a good reference, not a fast read but a worthwhile read

4.  How Good is Good Enough –  short, easy read

5.  Living Clutter Free with Kids

6.  Necessary Endings, find it here.  I checked this out from the library but so good that I need to buy my own copy.  Brilliant!

7.  Mad Church Disease, Overcoming Burnout Epidemic, find it here.  Great read for those in ministry

8.  24/6: A Prescription for a Healthier, Happier Life, find it here.  I loved this book.  It was open receiving the gift of a day off.

9.  Almost Amish- written by the wife of the author who wrote 24/6.

10.  Vital Friends, find it here.  I really enjoyed this.  I like Tom Rath’s books.  Helpful to appreciate each friend for their unique strengths.

11.  How Full is Your Bucket?, find it here.  Another Tom Rath book.  Easy and enjoyable.  Do you fill people’s bucket, leaving them positive or do you drip someone’s bucket, leaving them more negative after the encounter with you?

12.  Supermom vs. Super mom-  enjoyable read.  The author is from a podcast that I love called Simple Life Together.

13.  Safe People, find it here.  This book is by some of my favorite authors Dr. Cloud and Dr. Townsend.  This whole book is gold!  So good!

14. Leading Women Who Wound, find it here.  Excellent read.  Super helpful.

15.  Emotional Intelligence 2.0- great book to help you grow in your emotional intellegence

16.  Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl.  I learned lots here.

17.  Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan.  HILARIOUS!!!

18.  5 Levels of Leadership.  Super insightful.  Really enjoyed this.

19.  The Testament by John Grisham.  A good fiction

20.  Wild Goose Chase by Mark Batterson.  I liked this book.  Talked about the adventure that can be when you follow God.

21.  Boundaries for Kids, another book by Dr. Cloud.  Helpful

22.  Boundaries, find it here.  Wow!

23.  Rhythms of Grace, find it here. I loved this book.  Life giving and refreshing and practical.

24.  Zimzum of Love.  I liked this one on marriage.  I took some helpful nuggets from it.

25.  From Clutter to Clarity

26.  Can I Have and Do It All, Please?  – encouraging and practical

27.  7, find it here.  Good!  I cried and laughed alot.  I learned lots.  I was inspired, challenged and disturbed in a good way.


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