You Can Make a Difference

My heart was so encouraged from an email.  It is a private email but I can share the sentiment.  It said something like “I think you are the only one who has ever really believed in me.  Thank you for giving me hope when I felt hopeless.”  After reading that I thought this is why I do what I do.  This is why we moved to NC from CA to plant a life giving church.

I first thought to title this: To Leaders, Pastors, anyone who has been given the opportunity to serve. But it is not just leaders of an organization or pastors who have an opportunity to make a difference. We all have an opportunity to serve.

We, as followers of Jesus, are all called to lead by example.

We are all called to be His ambassadors to the world.

We are called to represent our beautiful Savior well.

We are called to display his grace, love, peace, hope, joy, and strength.

There have been many times, daily, that I do not reflect his love.  But I am called to keep trying.

In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.- Matthew 5:16

We can all be a leader who serves and puts the interests of others first.  We can all be a leader in the circles we are apart of:  carpool moms,  neighborhood, office, class etc.

That encouraging email inspired me to start an Evernote folder titled,”Why I do what I do”.  It is good to tuck away encouragement so that in hard times we can be reminded of what God has called us to do and so we don’t give up hope.  

Where has God given you an opportunity to serve, to influence for good or make an impact?


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