Setting Goals

I just listened to a cool podcast on Beyond the To Do List: Habits.  It was by the creator of the Lift App.  A free app that helps you set and achieve goals.  I love the Beyond the To Do List podcast.

They said that 8 is a good number to start at when trying to develop habits into your life.  So I listed mine on my app and then after I do it- I check it off(which I love checking things off).

I also set up reminders to help me.

These goals are all things I was already trying to develop into my life so this just helps me do that.  And as each one becomes a consistent habit then I will add new ones and delete ones that are automatic. 🙂  Love it.

My current habits I am trying to develop:

  1. Be Grateful for something or someone (I want to write in my gratitude daily)
  2. Drink 100oz. water(doctor recommended for kidney stones)
  3. Floss (I rarely do-terrible, I know)
  4. Focus T25 (a fun exercise DVD with modified exercises for my knee) or walk 10,000 steps
  5. Unclutter (goal to spend 20minutes a day- decluttering something, preparing to move)
  6. Pray (trying to find focused time each morning doing this)
  7. Set priorities for the day (on a post it- write the 5 things I must get done that day since my to do list is so big- helps me focus on the essentials first)
  8. SOAP (search blog for more info)- this is journaling on one Bible verse, a verse that jumps out that I hope will change me)
**So I wrote this post a couple months ago.  I have not been very disciplined lately.  The lack of rhythm and intentionality has been driving me crazy so back to using my Lift app.

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