Who are My Enemies?

“But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you.  Bless those who curse you.  Pray for those who hurt who.”  Jesus said this in Luke 6:27-28

That is a tall order from Jesus and so counter cultural for back then and now.  Interesting how he starts, to those “willing to listen.”  I can “hear” many things but listening takes it to the next level.  But I REALLY want to listen when Jesus talks. 🙂

Some good questions to ask myself:

  • Who are my enemies?
  • Who do I have ill will towards?
  • Who do I have bitterness or unforgiveness towards?
  • Who do I want to “pay” for those hurts/wrongs towards me?
  • Who hates me?
  • Who curses me?
  • Who talks bad about me?
  • Who has hurt me?
After answering these, Jesus asks me to bless them, do good to them, love them and pray for them.
I can testify that praying for someone begins to change my heart towards someone.  And not this prayer,”Dear God, make them pay etc.”  But prayers of love and blessing.  Asking God to comfort and heal them.
The truth is “hurt people” will hurt people.  They speak and act out of a place of brokenness. Very few are actually evil and act to hurt.  So it is good to remember that those hurting me- likely have deep wounds of their own.  It does not justify their hurtful actions but it helps me in understanding and extending grace towards them.

Grace is hardest for me when others hurt the ones I love or say hurtful things about the ones I love. That takes a whole nother level of grace.

So this was my verse yesterday then my reading this morning was all on forgiveness! 🙂

A cool quote from my prayer book(The Power of a Praying Parent) :
“Forgiveness is a choice you make,” I’ve instructed them(her kids).  “If you don’t forgive, it brings death into your life in one form or another.  The best way to become forgiving is to pray for the person you need to forgive.  Even though it may seem hard at first, once you get into it and find more and more things to pray about, you’ll notice your heart becoming soft toward that person.”


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