Biting Kids’ Heads Off Like Ozzy and Chickens

Grrrrr….best words to describe the funk I was in.  Still totally not out of it but getting better.

Wanting the kids to clean their rooms but everyone is whining that they need help but there is only one of me.

Plus I also frustrated about not being able to find a book that a friend wanted to borrow.  So that stirs up feelings of incompetence and feeling frustrated that I am not as organized as I would like.  And thinking if I was then I wouldn’t be looking for this book because it would be where it belonged.

Kind of been on edge since grocery shopping with my 2 youngest which is an adventure.   Shopping with a budget is already a process that requires my full attention but with kids makes it trickier.

Feeling like every room in my house is a wreck makes me feel frazzled too.

I had an aha moment.  I felt behind all day because I slept in!  I did not get up early to exercise, read my Bible and journal.  No quiet moments to myself.  You think I would remember sleeping in does this to me especially since I just taught on the importance of getting silence and solitude.  Silly me.

Knowing that the tension was rising, I grabbed my gratitude journal and forced myself to write something I am thankful for.  It had been 6 days since my last entry(I started it with the goal of writing daily).  I think not writing in it for several days contributed to my funk.

As I was sitting down to write Jeremy came down and started rubbing my shoulders.  “I’m frustrated!”
“I could tell in your voice.”- hubby
I jokingly blurted, “Now everyone leave me alone so I can write in my gratitude journal!”

Jeremy went on a mission to find the lost book.  Found it within minutes.  Don’t know how that happened because the joke in our house is that I know where everything is and jeremy and the kids are usually blind when looking for things.  The irony of that made me smile.

Just breathe 🙂


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