What Makes an Awesome Leader (and why I am Delighted to Add Liz and Joel to the StoryChurch Team)

I wrote this months ago but am finally posting it

We recently as a church were able to hire Liz and Joel part time to help with all there is to do with a  church plant.  What a blessing it has been for Jeremy and I to be able to hand off some of our responsibilities to other people.  Not only is our load eased but things are getting done better because we are more freed up to focus on our strengths more and they can do the things they love with passion. a win, win. :).  Alastair is our unpaid staff.  These are all true of him too.

So here are just a few reasons why they are awesome leaders and a perfect hire:

1. Servant’s heart– this is HUGE!! They serve with joy.  I have not heard them complaining about a task they have been asked to do.  They inspire me with their joyful attitude.  They do far more than asked of them.  When done with a task they find someone else to help.

2.  Faithful– this is an understatement.  The Vance Family and Joel are there every Sunday unless they are sick, out of the country or on vacation.  And not just there but from open to close, 8am (to setup) til 12:30/1:00pm when the trailer is all packed up.

3.  Eager to carry our burdens.  Galatians 6:2a says, “Carry each other’s burdens”.  They live out that verse for Jeremy and I.  They are so eager to take on more so that we can carry less.  They understand the load pastors and their families carry: spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, etc.    They do an excellent job at caring for Jeremy and I as real people with limitations, heartaches, brokenness, failures, etc.

4.  Incredibly teachable.  They are eager to learn from us.  Asking, “What’s next?’  They read books to learn and grow.  Jeremy has Alastair (our unpaid staff), Liz and Joel and myself back in school. 🙂

5. Gentle and approachable.  Explains itself.  I can approach them with an idea, disagreement, conflict and receive grace, love and gentleness from them.  Conflict is healthy, but how we deal with it can be what is unhealthy(rage, bury it, bitterness, gossip/slander about offender etc.)

6.  Love their spouses and families well.  They are striving to be better all the time.  Their family is paramount and it is obvious.  Family comes before work and church.

7.  Peacemakers.  They seek harmony.  They don’t sweat the small stuff.  Put pride aside to keep peace.

8.  Team player  They function well on teams.  Encouraging others and more committed to the team than any agenda or thing they may personally want.

9.  Humble.  I know this post is going to embarass them but I have to share how blessed we feel.  They are the first to say they feel unqualified but we disagree.  They have the skills and talents but they have something more valuable- heart after God’s own heart:

  • heart to serve
  • heart to give (generous!!)
  • heart to sacrifice (puts others first)
  • heart to follow Jesus boldly and courageously 
10. Permission to ask hard questions and to have awkward conversations-  this is a new one I added.  Alastair Vance inspired me on this one.(check out his blogpost  A great leader welcomes input even when it is hard and they give their leaders permission to enter into difficult conversations because their heart is to grow.
“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”- Proverbs 27:17.  Our staff make me want to grow just being around them.
They have raised the bar exceedingly high for future hires. 🙂


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