I want to be a gentle mom

The Bible verse for my SOAP(search soap on my blog for more info on this fun way to read the Bible) journaling today is Philippians 4:5, “Let your gentleness be evident to all.  The Lord is near.”

O(Observation-basically what is the verse saying)-  Seems like it is saying others should be able to see your gentleness.
A(application of this verse to my life)-  This is a good reminder of one of my focus words for 2013. I really felt like I wanted to work on two words this year: Gentleness and Discipline.  
Some ladies I have met are so gentle.  I love it and they are good to be around.  They get down to a child’s height when speaking to a kid.  They control their tone and volume.  True, I don’t get to see their worst.  We all have ugly that jumps out but they are consistently gentle.
For me I want my gentleness to be evident to my kids.  They are included in that “all” word.  I want to be a gentle mom.  A soft place to land for them.  I find when I am being gentler, they come to me more.  Come to me for more hugs, to talk to me, etc.  
But when I am uncontrolled in my tone and volume, careless in my words, impatient, harsh- they avoid me.  I am no longer a soft, safe place to land.  
P(prayer- based on my journaling):  Dear Jesus, help me to be gentle especially with my kids.


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