Book Review: The Love and Respect Experience, couples devotional

I love devotionals, they help me to focus on God and his ways.  I read through this devotional before I even read the book it is based on, Love and Respect.  Now flipping back through it again after reading the actual book, makes a lot more sense.  Silly me.  The devotional is described as a husband-friendly devotional that wives truly love.  Many couples devotionals I have come across seem like ones men would run from, this one looks doable.  Devotionals together can be good if both spouses read and then share what they thought and learned instead of the wife reading it to her husband in order to fix him.  The author tells wives to not make this devotional time  a time of marriage enrichment or therapy.  Those things can definitely happen but do not make them your goal.  The goal is to seek Christ together not to connect emotionally or sexually, those things may happen but don’t make it your goal.
    I think I prefer to read the actual book and share with my husband what I learned and we try to apply the things instead of the devotional.  But I guess the devotional would be good if you aren’t going to read the entire book and just want the concepts.
     I also think I prefer just taking a few moments together early in the morning to ask each other what the other’s day and week looks like and then ask how we can pray for the other and then do it right then. 
     I also like reading our Bibles together, journaling individually and then sharing it, maybe that is the reflective introvert speaking. 🙂
      I think I will revisit this devotional again after I reread Love and Respect.


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