So Good to Be Home in NC

We had a wonderful trip in CA but it felt so good to be back in Durham. Being in Yucaipa was so familiar and foreign at the same time. I lived there 15 years and jeremy lived there 31 years so the restaurants, streets and people were so familiar. When living there I never thought I would live anywhere else. But now living somewhere else I cannot imagine living there again. Durham has become our home after only being here 3 years but we felt that way after only months. Probably because God has big plans for us here. When we pulled up 2:30a.m at our Durham house it felt so good to be here. We missed this city, all the green, our friends/family and our church. Good to be home.


One comment

  1. Jillien · July 10, 2011

    so happy that you guys are back!


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