Boundaries with Techie Devices

I am learning that boundaries are good and i need more of them. I need boundaries especially in the world of communication/facebook/texting/email…. Do you ever feel slave to these things, like you feel compelled to check them and to respond promptly? In a way i miss the days of coming home and checking your answering machine. You could be out with your family and not be able to be reached. I don’t know about you but i run to answer my cell phone or if i hear the text noise i go to it immediately unless changing a diaper or something. why is that? most the time is it so important that it cannot wait? There is the wonderful blessing to be able to contact others immediately and wherever you are if an emergency occurred. Like the other day i was so thankful that i was able to call jeremy and tell him i was driving to urgent care because i thought i was dying but really it was just a kidney stone. So for that very reason I will still keep my phone on me and turned on most of the time. But one way i am going to set healthy boundaries for myself is turning it to silent during date night, family outtings, or just our evenings with the kids and resist the crazy urge to check it if i hear it humming in my purse. I want to be fully present with my family. I do not want them to feel like they only have some of me. how many times have i been apart of a texting conversation as well as a real conversation with my kids? i may just be an old fart but it is so annoying to me when i am meeting with someone and talking with them while they carry on a text conversation. And believe me i have been equally guilty of this. but i do not want to be. i want to be different. i want others to know that they are worth my time and are special to me. for me, i feel like i am having to compete for their attention and i do not want others to feel the same. so i am working on this and have a long way to go but glad i am trying to put boundaries into place now. hopefully this will set a precedent for when my kids get phones. because it will drive me batty if they are more present with their cell phones than with me.



  1. Jen · November 25, 2010

    WOW Kim! This is totally how I feel right now. I am going to try and do what you are trying to do. Technology is a blessing and a curse. Thank you for your thoughts and feelings. It is definitely encouraging that others feel this way. Miss you all terribly!


  2. Nervous Laughter · November 25, 2010

    I am going through the same thing with my computer, and I am really trying to set limits…..It has been working so far I hope I can be consistent:)


  3. Kimi · November 26, 2010

    glad you are encouraged. it has taken me awhile to learn what a time vacuum some of these things can be. they just suck my time when i do not have much spare time as it is with 3 little ones. i am learning to limit facebook too. seriously how much time do i need to spend looking at pictures of high school classmates or reading bios? so try to check messages and every once in a while check in on friends and family.


  4. Chrissy Y. · December 7, 2010

    Amen sister!! I hope I can do the same thing. I was just telling Yance a few days ago that sometimes I feel like progress has made it hard to enjoy life to its fullest. Sometimes I wish I would have grown up in simpler times. One thing I'm really trying to work on is taking life at a slower pace. Not always rushing every place and just enjoy the moment. Why is it so easy to get upset nowadays when driving on the highway and someone pulls in front of me and slows me down. Or when I'm in Target and someone takes their time shopping through the aisle and I grow more and more impatient waiting behind them. I'm working on relaxing and just enjoying life at a slower pace.


  5. Kimi · December 9, 2010

    i often long for a slower pace too. i even joke that i wish i was amish. but probably not, because i would not want to spend hours churning butter. simplicity and slower pace is hard in our busy, crazy world but not impossible


  6. Anonymous · January 8, 2011

    Kimi, I didn't know you had a kidney stone. Ouch!


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