Thrift Store Treasures #2

i love Goodwill. jeremy was scarred by it so not a big fan of it. one time i encouraged him to look there for shirts. he found one he liked but in the pocket was a big gooey mushy hunk of chewing tobacco all squished and oozing through the fabric. last time he shopped there. anyways, went shopping for my bday. wanted to spend no more than $50 and walked out spending $52.83 on 17 items!!! most of the stuff was name brands. name brands mean nothing to mean but it just makes the treasure find even better cause i can get great clothes for next to nothing instead of paying an insane amount for them. Here is a picture and list of what i got:

  • Old Navy jeans $3.39
  • Levis $3.39
  • Old Navy men’s zip up $4.59
  • The Limited slacks $3.39
  • Forever Twenty One pants$ 3.39
  • Banana Republic skirt $ 3.39
  • Express shirt $3.39
  • Tommy Hilfiger blouse $ 3.39
  • Express cami $ 2.59
  • Forever twenty one shirt $3.39
  • shirt $2.59
  • comfy pj pants $2.59
  • black heels $2.29
  • tennies for joy $2.29
  • 3 belts $1.39 each

One comment

  1. Jillien · November 8, 2010

    You did an awesome job shopping, my lady!!!!


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