this Friday family fun night we went bowling. The alley has this deal in the summer. Kids get to bowl free. sounded like a good deal but we still had to pay for shoes. so it costed us 10 instead lots more. =) Hannah enjoyed it more than Joy. Joy only lasted a few rounds.



  1. Christine · September 23, 2010

    Very cool! It looks like you guys had a great time! As the kids have gotten older it seems as though we do less things altogether as a family. When they were younger we would go out every weekend and do something for the kids. Looking at your pictures, I realize that we need to get into that again. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Kimi · October 1, 2010

    i love that this post reminded you of old times and encouraged you to start them again. i look forward to hearing about your weekend adventures. i would imagine it gets harder as they age because they can be so busy with activities.


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