Silence and Solitude

A few weeks ago our Bible study group was learning about peace and how to cultivate that in our lives.

A key factor in doing so is regularly practicing the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude.

One question asked how peaceful is your life right now?

My soul is at rest cause i have security in knowing where i will be when i die, with Jesus. but the day to day, can be chaos. I began to recognize that the only time I am experiencing silence and solitude is when i am asleep. And not even that is uninterrupted. =) Thanks to that week’s study i am now trying again to make these disciplines apart of my life.

But like any discipline(eating right, exercise, study…) it actually takes work and effort and will not happen on its own. An old adage that stuck with me was, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So true. Like i had to right it in my planner to get up early today to be alone. and even then, jeremy had to remind me. But like all disciplines, it is so worth it even though it may be hard to take the first step. As i write isaiah is now up from his nap crying. will complete later. =)

days later, i am back. anyways, my alone time was awesome. i walked to our community lake and just sat. on the way there my mind was going like crazy, thinking and praying but when i got there i tried to just be still and quiet. sometimes i just need to zip it.

It was so peaceful. There were no demands of me. i was not cleaning, not wiping butts, not making meals, not texting, not on the phone, not checking facebook, not worrying about money, not nothing. these times are so wonderful for my soul but i dont make them a priority. i am trying. i hope to do this again next week. good luck in your attempts to gain peace in your life and as you seek the Prince of Peace. i would love to hear how it goes for you



  1. Jessica · August 1, 2010

    That's so great! I definitely need to do that too and I don't even have the demands of children or anything! What a great little reminder, thank you!


  2. Leah Shaffer · August 1, 2010

    So awesome! What a great reminder. It seems like life goes a million miles an hour and us moms always come last in our own lives. I definitely need this!


  3. Kimi · August 2, 2010

    so glad this encouraged you. just want to pass on what i am learning and share about his goodness


  4. Jillien · August 29, 2010

    Awesome Post kimi! If anyone needs some peace and quiet, its you my friend.




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