Christmas-Advent Conspiracy

wow, i am finally writing about Christmas. truly one of our best Christmases ever. and i think it was due to the inspiration from Advent Conspiracy. we decided to do this as a church. we encouraged others to spend less in order to have more to give away. we learned that Americans spend 450 billion a year on Christmas and it only takes 10 billion to provide clean water each year for those who need it. such a cool thought to think that because we as a family and as a church choose to spend less on gifts- children will not die because they have clean water and mothers will not have to mourn the loss of a child due to water caused illness.

jeremy, hannah and i wanted to make gifts for each other. we still bought a couple things for each other. i made hannah a scrapbook that highlights 2009 alphabetically. i also made her a table and chair. jeremy assembled, kandy and i painted then i covered the top with photos of her using modge podge. I made jeremy an inspiration board. bought an old ugly framed art from durham rescue mission thrift store. i painted frame, covered a foam board with a white table cloth from thrift store. then i searched through his Bible and books and found inspirational quotation and wrote and mounted them on cardstock. Jeremy’s gift of course brought tears to my eyes. He drew and framed some cartoons. I LOVE IT. hannah and jeremy made me a homemade calendar with art by hannah. super cute.
at our Christmas service we decided to give away our entire offering to Lifewater Ministries to provide clean water for others. so proud of hannah she saved almost 30 bucks in change from the whole year. for just 10 bucks clean water can be provided for a child for a lifetime. so i told her she essentially saved 3 kids lives. more on her story in old blog, clean water.

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