joy of being a mama

we have 6 former students here visiting this week and another friend. we were sitting around and one of them said how hard moms have it. that is is such a hard job(crying babies, poopy diapers,…) then i said that is true but it is also so rewarding. they wanted further clarification on how that could be. i shared how sweet they are in showing their love to me. then i was asked “so those sweet moments are worth it even with times of 40 minutes of screaming?” definetly. the joy of being a mom is hard to explain. right after this i took the girls on a walk to get more leaves for her hungry caterpillar pets. it was sprinkling and of course joy was being a little turd demanding hannah’s umbrella. hannah resentfully gave in to her little sis. and then said, “she always takes my stuff!” and i then said,”true, but this is only a phase. she will learn and grow out of it. and even though she is stinky sometimes we will actually miss these times when she was this little and cute.” we then proceeded to share with each other all our favorite things we like about joy at this fun age. it was wonderful, laughing and talking with our arms around each other. this is what being a mommy is all about. true, they are turds at times but their times of sweetness and joy far outnumber the rotten times. then i thought my joy at a being a mommy is a hard thing to fully explain then i realized it can only be fully understand once someone experiences being a parent.

that thought then lead me to think about my experience with my savior, Jesus. i have been asked many times to try to explain my relationship with Jesus. and it is the same as trying to fully explain what it is like to be a mommy, often words are not enough. and it is only through experience that one can fully understand. i have had the joy of trying to help people find faith. they so badly want the faith and trust. i just have to keep encouraging them to continue seeking and praying. God says in his word in Jeremiah 29:13, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” faith is usually a process, a journey. for some it is a light switch where it happens instantly. but for many more it is like a light dimmer, a gradual process, where the room slowly gets brighter and brighter and the darkness in their world begins to disappear.

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