Tucked in with thanks

Joy usually goes to bed quite easily. i give her bunny and hold her through a song and she is out. well tonight after i laid her down she fussed a few minutes before i went back in to hold her. as i picked her up she melted into my arms, resting her sweet head on my shoulder. as i was holding her i was running my finger through her red little locks and enjoying the smell of her baby shampoo. it was at that moment that i was flooded with thankfulness. here is a list of those things as i rocked her to sleep:

*thank you Jesus that i have clean water to bathe my baby everyday(if i wanted to but rarely happens =)
*thank you she has clean water to drink and is not at risk of getting worms and dying from them
* shoes for her feet so she does not get sores and and thus run the risk of worms entering her wounds and possibly taking her life(a scenario that many children around the world deal with)
* weather appropriate clothing(tanks in summer and many layers for winter)
*electricity to plug in her night light and lullaby C.Dto soothe her to sleepy land
*a roof and walls to protect her from the elements
*diapers, wipes, and ointment to protect her
*a crib
*puzzles to stimulate her learning
*books to help her grow
*her small pink Bible given to her by the nursery ladies(i pray she will always have the freedom to read His Word and that she can actually own her own copy, a luxury to many Christians in the world)
*air conditioner and heat to keep her comfortable
*smoke alarm to protect from fire
*that she has all her senses fully functioning
*a healthy body with all its parts
*a mind that is growing daily
*that she is learning to love
What a treasure she is. four months after we lost our second baby(5weeks along in pregnancy) she was conceived. i cannot imagine life without her. what pure joy she is


  1. Anonymous · June 29, 2009

    And she has no idea at this point, how blessed she is to have the parents she has.


  2. Dan · July 6, 2009

    that's pure thankfulness.


  3. Kimi · July 24, 2009

    thanks anonymous. sorry for the late response, not much time to get on here


  4. Kimi · July 24, 2009

    i am trying dan. once a remember a pastor challenging us to a heart of gratefulness instead of grumbling and complaining. i try to see it half full instead of half empty


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